Bull vs. Bear: Put your investing skills to the test!

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Looking for a fun way to test your stock picking skills? Then Bull vs. Bear is just what you need!

Introducing Bull vs. Bear, the new daily challenge brought to you by MoneyLion. In this challenge, you’ll vote between two preselected stocks and predict which one will have the largest gain (or smallest loss) at the end of the market day.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned pro – Bull vs. Bear is a fun way to get familiar with stock prices, and might even help you learn a thing or two about investing. 

How does it work?

Each day, you’ll have the chance to pick between two stocks— which will have the largest gain (or smallest loss) at market close? Pay attention to stock prices and find out if your guess is right at the end of the trading day. Every consecutive day you pick the right stock will add to your win streak and get you one step closer to the top of the leaderboard! Keep in mind that if you forget to vote one day or incorrectly guess the stock, your win streak will reset. 

Ready, Set, Go. It’s Time to Vote!

Ready to try Bull vs. Bear? It’s easy to get started. Everyday you’ll get one simple question—which stock do you think will close the day with the largest gain (or smallest loss)? 

Here’s how it works:

  • Start by heading over to the free MoneyLion app and sign in, or visit bullvsbear.com on the web 
  • Vote for your chosen stock
  • Check back after market close and see which performed the best. If you picked correctly, you’ll start a win streak and join the leaderboard (coming soon)

So, what are you waiting for? Put your skills to the test with Bull vs. Bear!

For more information on Bull vs. Bear, please check out our Help Center

Tricks and Tips

Keep an Eye on the Market

Bull vs. Bear is the perfect way to start a new routine of keeping up with the latest stock prices and market news. One way you can make a more informed vote on Bull vs. Bear is to follow the stock market by keeping an eye on daily news about the stocks you’re voting for.

It’s easy to find more information about the stocks on today’s Bull vs. Bear using the Explore page in the MoneyLion app. Search for the latest stock news and market updates to help familiarize yourself with the stocks you’re voting between. The more informed you are, the better strategic decisions you can make.

Vote Daily

Don’t forget— every day brings fresh stocks and competition, so make sure to vote daily if you’re looking to build up your win streak and climb the leaderboard. Remember, Bull vs. Bear daily voting begins at 4pm EST and ends at 12pm EST the following day, excluding holidays when the market is closed. For more information on voting periods, please visit our Help Center.


Get ready to test your stock-picking skills with Bull vs. Bear. Keep up your win streak and compete with others to be the one at the top of the leaderboard…Let the challenge begin!

MoneyLion™ Bull vs. Bear is not intended to be financial advice. Survey and results are for entertainment purposes only.

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