How to Pay With Two Credit Cards Online

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Once in a while, you may want to split a bill across multiple credit cards. This situation may come from buying something with a friend, trying to stay under your credit limit, or trying to take advantage of deals offered by different cards. Whatever your reason, knowing how to pay with two credit cards online comes in handy.

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Do online stores allow split payments?

Though most online retailers do not allow payments between two different credit cards, some allow split payments between a credit card and a gift card. If you have a gift card with a particular retailer but it won’t cover the entire purchase, you can usually use your credit card or debit card to pay the remaining balance.

Many retailers will not allow you to split your transactions across different credit or debit cards. That’s because splitting cards for a single transaction can be difficult because of verification or technical issues, making it difficult to process the payment. Prohibiting dividing payments can also help cut down on fraudulent payments. 

Meanwhile, here is a list of the online stores and whether they allow split payments between two credit cards.


Amazon allows you to divide your payment between an gift card and another form of payment. At least, that’s true for most major credit or debit card providers. However, you can’t use multiple debit or credit cards as payment. 


Target Corp. only allows the use of one credit card with online payments. Additionally, you can’t combine a Target credit card and a Target debit card in one purchase. However, you can combine a credit card or debit card with up to 10 Target GiftCard payments.

Going to the store in person is a different story. Target allows consumers to use multiple cards in one transaction. 


Best Buy Co., Inc. accepts most major credit and debit cards as payment. However, when it comes to splitting payments, it’s similar to others. You cannot use multiple forms of payment in one transaction. For example, if you’re trying to buy a refrigerator, you can not combine PayPal or Apple Pay payments and credit or debit card payments. 


Walmart Inc. also accepts most major credit cards as payment. They even accept electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards as a form of payment except in some states.

Though you cannot use more than one credit card for payments at Walmart, the company allows split payments with gift cards. Customers can use up to five gift cards in a transaction with their credit card. 


Wayfair LLC has similar rules as the retailers mentioned above. It limits split payments and accepts major credit cards on the checkout page. 

There is one unique positive that Wayfair offers customers. If you chat with customer service, you may be able to pay with multiple cards. However, it has a limit on the number of gift cards you can use in one transaction. This could make it easier for customers who need to make larger purchases. 


PayPal offers split payment methods for purchases. It also provides an option to pay for an item over time, splitting the sum into monthly payments. In addition, PayPal accepts most major credit cards. 

Paying for purchases without splitting payments online

Though most retailers do not allow split payments online, there are still ways to make larger purchases.  

Visit the store in person 

While some retailers do not allow split payments online, you might be able to divide the transaction in-store. In-person, retailers may offer the option to use two credit cards or even have alternative options for you. 

Hold off on making the purchase for now 

If you can’t make a large purchase on a single credit card, you might want to consider holding off on buying that item. Do you have the capability of waiting a bit and saving up more money first? Or do you really have to make a split credit card payment? 

Decide whether you need the item right away. If you can wait a bit, revisit purchasing in a few weeks or months when you can make the payment all at once. 

Use your credit card points 

Depending on the retailer and your credit card, you could use your rewards points to help you pay for something. That might make the final payment cheaper, or it could cover the entire bill.

First, check with your credit card company and see whether the retailer you are looking to make a purchase with has point options available. Sometimes the reward points can significantly impact how much you need to pay, and you can use your card for the remainder. 

Different cards have different perks. Before opening a credit card, you should check its benefits so you know whether you’re best capitalizing on your credit options.

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Make use of buy-now, pay-later apps 

Many popular online retailers offer the pay-later option when making a purchase. They typically divide the total purchase into four interest-free payments paid every two weeks. This option is a great way to manage larger purchases without the need for multiple forms of payment. In addition, most retailers do not require a minimum amount to use this service, and it typically does not involve a credit check. 


MoneyLion offers InstacashSM, which works as a cash advance that lets you tap into your pay whenever you need it. You can link your primary checking account to your account to qualify for up to $500 with no interest, no credit check, and no mandatory fees. By linking your account, Instacash offers early access to your pay, which can eliminate the need to split payments. 

Splitting payment across cards

Many retailers won’t allow you to divide a purchase across multiple credit or debit cards. However, there are workarounds if that’s what you’d like to do. You could buy in-store or find alternative financing options like a credit builder loan. 


Can I split payments on Walmart online?

You can split payment between a gift card and a credit or debit card online with Walmart, but can’t split payment between multiple credit or debit cards. 

How can I use multiple cards online?

Many companies will allow you to pay for part of something with a gift card, and then finish out the payment with a credit or debit card. However, the majority of retailers will not let you divide payment across multiple debit and credit cards.

Can you use 2 credit cards for 1 purchase?

Very few companies will allow you to divide your purchases across two credit cards. 

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